Meet the Musicians

Amy B is 12 years old and has taken piano lessons from Miss Ruth for 5 years. This little show-stealer is the joy of the group. When asked why she joined A Touch of Class, she replied that "I just want to make people happy." In that, she has succeeded very well. Whenever people watch her play they are smiling. Even though she loves to play piano and sing, she says that she is really very shy! Click here to see her play

Amy R, age 16, has been playing piano for 9 years, two years with Miss Ruth. She plays for her church and has fun playing for other people. Amy plays for A Touch of Class because she wants to be able to share her music with other people and get into the community to start a musical career.

Carrie, age 16, has been taking piano lessons from Miss Ruth for 11 years now. The talented Carrie says that one of her favorite things to do is to take songs that were composed for choirs and vocalists and make them into piano solos. Her favorite songs are the Christmas Shoes and The Giving. Click here to see her play

Mariah. age 17, has been taught piano by Miss Ruth for 11 years. This delicate and expressive pianist loves to play and enjoys making people smile when she performs Maple Leaf Rag. She is a quiet person and says that "Piano is fun and I can express myself through piano in a way I cannot with words." Click here to see her play

Maranda, age 19, is currently the oldest girl of the group. She began piano lessons with Miss Ruth at the age of 7 and since then her musical life has blossomed. This bubbly girl keeps a busy musical schedule. In addition to being A Touch of Class girl, she also participates in the Northern Michigan Chorale, a home school drama group, and plays piano and violin at her church. One of her many musical goals for the future is becoming a certified Suzuki piano teacher. Click here to see her play

Miss Ruth has been teaching piano for eighteen years. The Suzuki philosophy contends that every child can learn if only they are taught well and nurtured by love. Because a beautiful tone begins in a beautiful heart, at Creative Cottage we strive to build noble character through music as well as gaining exquisite techniques to create sparkling melodies. Miss Ruth says, "Listening to these girls play in lessons was such a delight that I wanted to share them with the world! I also wanted to teach them how to use their music to create an income for themselves while developing and maintaining their repertoite. A Touch of Class was born as an apprenticeship program and the girls have run with it to the point that they hardly need me anymore! What a grand adventure!"